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Aurora, MO
Bs moto lab, FMF, roost, asterisk, 6D, fly, scott, ogio, dunlop, engine ice, leatt, motoseat, slick, asv, twin air, alpinestars, wps, pit possee, acerbies, mika, marionville powersports, mom, dad, GC & pops
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Individual Events
 Event Finish Summary 
Swan MX SC Youth Regional - 6/25/2022 - Tyler, TX
 Class   Number   Brand       Moto 1   Class Finish     
 26. 65cc (7-9) Limited   #38  KTM       20th         
 27. 65cc (7-9)   #38  KTM   15th   29th   DNS   37th     
FRIDAY PRACTICE - 6/23/2022 - Tyler, Texas
 Class   Number   Brand         Class Finish     
 P. 65cc (7-9) *14   #38  KTM               
 P. 65cc (7-9) Limited *8   #38  KTM               
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